Libertarian Party of New York Applauds the Resignation of Governor Andrew Cuomo

Kathy Hochul should undo Part ZZZ of the 2021 budget and restore ballot access for the Independence, SAM, Green, and Libertarian Parties
Albany, New York, August 10, 2021: Governor Cuomo on Tuesday announced his resignation as Governor of New York in the culmination of an investigation by the New York State Attorney General, validating sexual assault allegations against him. This avoids an impending impeachment trial in the Assembly that would focus on these allegations, as well as other wrongdoings during his administration, including mishandling of nursing home patients related to the COVID-19 pandemic, financial improprieties surrounding his book deal, and structural deficiencies on the bridge formerly known as the Tappan Zee, now named after his father.

When Governor Cuomo’s resignation takes effect on August 24th, Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul will ascend to the office of Governor.

The Libertarian Party of New York applauds the resignation of Governor Cuomo, but also calls upon the incoming governor to do right by the state on several fronts.
“Although we wish he would have done so immediately, we are nonetheless happy and relieved that Mr. Cuomo has made the decision to step aside for the good of New York State,” Cody Anderson, chair of the LPNY, explained. “He was an ineffective leader who became a serious distraction to the palpable problems facing the state. We hope the Assembly and the district attorneys in Albany and Nassau Counties complete their investigations so that citizen Cuomo can be held accountable — criminally, civilly, or both — for his actions.

“Kathy Hochul has a unique opportunity to put New York State on the right path. She can and should make New York State a more attractive place to live and do business by reducing the size and scope of government and slashing our tax burden. She can and should undo Part ZZZ of the 2021 budget that denied all New Yorkers choice at the ballot box and restore ballot access for the Independence, SAM, Green, and Libertarian Parties. She can and should remove the remaining COVID-19 restrictions that have damaged the economy and collective psyche of New York State. We call upon Ms. Hochul to make these changes for the good of New York on her first day in office.”

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Libertarian Party of New York Responds to Governor Cuomo’s Firearms “Emergency” Declaration

Albany, New York, July 7, 2021: On Tuesday, Governor Cuomo of New York issued an executive order declaring a gun violence disaster emergency, the first of its kind in the nation. According to the Governor’s office, this strategy will treat “gun violence as a public health crisis, using short-term solutions to manage the immediate gun violence crisis and reduce the shooting rate, as well as long-term solutions that focus on community-based intervention and prevention strategies to break the cycle of violence.”  

Governor Cuomo has committed nearly $140 million to implement the order, which includes the creation of a new state-level office specifically focused on gun violence, targeting hotspots, and so-called “positive engagement” for at-risk youth. Major police departments in New York will be required by the executive order to cooperate with the new office and its initiatives. 

The Libertarian Party of New York was swift to denounce the Governor’s actions. Cody Anderson, chair of the LPNY, explained: 

“Cuomo’s declaration of a false ‘emergency’ granting himself broad, unilateral powers is meant to throw meat to his base and to do damage control to his own political aspirations,” Anderson explained. “This executive order creates yet another useless, expensive government office at taxpayer expense to reward political cronies, and replaces control by local law enforcement with coerced ‘cooperation’ with central party bureaucrats.
“As he did during the pandemic, Governor Cuomo has once again chosen to rule by executive order,” Anderson continued. “His haphazard implementation of a state of emergency over COVID-19 trampled our freedoms and damaged our state’s economy. By attempting the same tactics with gun violence, the Governor is setting a dangerous precedent that cheapens any future emergency declaration. The State Legislature is equally culpable, passing gun manufacturer liability legislation which emboldened Cuomo to take these actions. Both the Legislature’s continued abdication of power to the Governor, as well as Cuomo’s dictatorial rule, is unacceptable. These most recent measures are another incremental step toward the state’s complete revocation of our natural rights to bear arms and to defend ourselves. This is a cost the citizens of New York state cannot afford, and we must send that message to Albany.”

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