LIBERTY TREE TOWN HALL, Wednesday, February 9th @ 8pm

On Wednesday evening, the Staten Island Libertarian Party presents the “Liberty Tree Town Hall,” in the dining room at Karl’s Klipper, 40 Bay Street, in St. George across from the post office.


2011 Civic Initiatives Update

Sit in on our review of first quarter project planning. If you’re looking to make a difference in our community, this is the place to be. There is much to be done. No contribution of time or effort too small. All are welcome.

2012 Candidate Discussion

The first in a series of conversations about the next general election cycle. Ever think about running for office? Know somebody that should run for office? Stop by, patriots wanted.

The People Speak

We yield the floor to any and all neighbors and residents, regardless of party affiliation, topic, or positions on the issues. Come speak your mind, observe your First Amendment rights. Give us your views of our government. Share your vision for the future of our community. Visitors and Members of the Free Press always welcome.

Free Pocketsize Constitution

Speaking of rights… The Staten Island Libertarian Party will be offering to all in attendance free pocket copies of the Constitution of the United States and Declaration of Independence. Did I say they were free?

Food Pantry

We ask anyone planning to attend to please bring some canned goods to the Town Hall for donation. Area food pantries are running short. We’re hearing from two separate panties that there are 30-40 new families seeking assistance each week. Times are tough. Let’s take care of our own (or the government will with its usual efficiency).
Thanks, and see you on Wednesday.
Edward Stehlin, Chairman
The original “Liberty Tree” dates back to the 1760s, around the time of the infamous Stamp Act and the first rumblings of American revolution. There became many such trees designated across the colonies (and later liberty poles were erected after the British cut down the trees). They were a cherished rallying point for the Colonists, as they discussed and made plans for dealing with the tyrants who ruled through oppressive government. And so it goes…

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