The claim of ‘affordability’ is already being exposed as fraud

From the Your Opinion section of, “The claim of ‘affordability’ is already being exposed as fraud“:

Not one day after the U.S. House of Representatives passed the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act”, my employer announced that their medical insurance plans are projected to increase in cost. This increase is due to changes in the Medicare subsidies to companies who offer health care benefits to its employees and retirees.
In addition, the law imposes a 40-percent excise tax on “high-value health plans.”
Given projected plan increases over time, my employer plans will fall within this threshold. This cost increase will affect over 900,000 employees and retirees in one company alone. Other companies offering comparable health care benefits will be similarly affected.
This ruse of “affordability” is anything but.
The overwhelming majority of American people did not want this bill, yet Congress and the president forged on — not even letting parliamentary rules get in the way of the process.
At what point does our quasi-socialist regime turn full dictatorship — and will the media even take notice?

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