Tom Vendittelli, Candidate for 13th Congressional District

Tom Vendittelli is a lifelong Staten Islander who graduated Susan Wagner High School in 2003, and Wagner College in 2007 with a Bachelor of Science in Arts Administration. He became active in politics while in college, and later helped found the Staten Island Libertarian Party, where he serves as the group’s Membership Director.
As a Libertarian, Mr. Vendittelli is looking to restore both the diminished individual liberties of Americans, and the diminished power of the Constitution. He has actively protested against the Federal Reserve in hopes of restoring the value of the dollar to it’s former glory. He also believes United States foreign policy is headed in the wrong direction.
Outside of politics, Mr. Vendittelli has worked in the advertising industry for several years, currently as a Broadcast Coordinator. He is also a professional musician. His parents, Joseph (a former government accountant and small business owner) and Arlene (a former federal employee), are Brooklyn natives who relocated to Staten Island in the mid-1980s.

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