Dave Narby, Candidate for 61st State Assembly District

A Staten Island resident for over ten years, Dave Narby originally hails from Cortland, NY. First introduced to Libertarianism at age 12 through his politically informed parents, he has been a registered Libertarian for a decade. His father is a business owner and peace activist in Cortland, NY. His mother is a retired NYS public (and international) high school teacher and full time horticulturist in Waterloo, NY.
After graduating from Homer High School in 1985, Dave spent a year in Peru as an exchange student. He graduated from SUNY Brockport with a BA in English in 1994, taking time off to travel the country by motorcycle. The assembly candidate has worked in several trades and professions, among them construction, commercial printing, advertising, business-to-business sales, and entertainment.
Dave lives on the north shore with his wife of 12 years, Jennifer DeSanctis-Narby, who is currently interning at the Staten Island LGBT center while finishing her degree in mental health counseling at Brooklyn college. His political stance is one of a moderately Libertarian Centrist, with an emphasis on honest and open communication, and practical solutions. He is eager to restore Constitutional, common sense, and truly representative government to New York State.

3 thoughts on “Dave Narby, Candidate for 61st State Assembly District”

  1. Sweet. Believe it or not I’m going to be running for Mayor in a few years, Seriously. Good Luck!

  2. Scott, I truly hope you will do so. We desperately need more citizen-statesmen. It may well be the hardest thing you do in your life, but I believe you will also find it the most satisfying! ❗

  3. Good Luck!! I will be voting for you!!If you are sucessful please don’t become like most who are elected!!

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