Danny Panzella, Candidate for 63rd State Assembly District

A lifelong resident, Danny Panzella has deep roots in the Staten Island community. Graduating from Susan E. Wagner High School in 1995, Mr. Panzella began his entrepreneurial career as the proprietor of a religious bookstore on New Dorp Lane while attending the Cinema Studies program at the College of Staten Island.
After college, Mr. Panzella worked in advertising, built a successful “dot com,” acquired a real estate sales license, and started his own investment and brokerage firm, expanding into management and involvement in large-scale residential renovation projects.
As the worldwide economic crisis came to a head, Mr. Panzella became involved with the tea party movement and other activist groups. His research led him to start educating the community about the state of the economy and political direction of the country.
“This may be the biggest challenge of my life,” Danny says of his Assembly run, “It will be my calling to inspire my constituents and assist them in obtaining their future dreams and desires. I am not being elected to rule over Staten Island, but to represent the people in my community.”
For more information and to get involved, visit Danny Panzella’s Facebook page at http://www.danny4assembly.com.

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  1. Heard you on Alex Jones. Keep up the good work! The people are slowly waking up. It is a slow process.

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