Anthony Librera, Candidate for 60th State Assembly District

Anthony Librera is a resident of Bay Terrace and is the Libertarian Party candidate for the 60th Assembly District of New York. Born in 1989 to parents Fred and Hope, Mr. Librera has been a lifelong resident of Bay Terrace.
A graduate of Monsignor Farrell High School, Mr. Librera is a student at the College of Staten Island, studying Political Science and Philosophy. Mr. Librera believes in a smart government that knows its place and supports personal freedoms and liberties. He became avidly interested in politics during the 2008 presidential election, where he was a supporter of Ron Paul.
Recently elected to student government, Mr. Librera previously served as an officer of the Peace Club. Outside school, Mr. Librera educates himself by reading; favorites include The Revolution: A Manifesto by Ron Paul and Don’t Start the Revolution Without Me! by Jesse Ventura.
Mr. Librera is active in the local community, playing in the Staten Island Touch Tackle football league and in local softball leagues. Mr. Librera has volunteered for fundraisers in support of 9/11 first responders and their struggle for healthcare. Hr currently serves as the head of media relations for the Staten Island Libertarian Party and enters the Assembly race in hope of representing the voice of a generation that is to inherit a plethora of problems unless something is done about it.

2 thoughts on “Anthony Librera, Candidate for 60th State Assembly District”

  1. I had the priveledge to meet Mr. Librera on two seperate occasions. I have never met anyone with as much passion for the current situations that currently abound this once great country. I only hope he gets the support he deserves in his running for the 60th assembly district as I feel if we elect people of Mr. Librera’s calibur to represent us we will have a chance to really change what is going on in this country for the better.

  2. Evidently the Staten Island Advance Has Decided to Blackout
    any news concerning the candidates offered to Staten Island
    voters by your party!!!
    This Is A Great Injustice!!!!!!

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